Without changing my swing, Malcolm was able to give me a vastly improved ability to change my trajectory. I now have many more options yet the game feels as instinctive as before.” – Jordan Mccoll, Europro Tour Professional

“As one of the most enthusiastic golfers out there I had tried to hard to improve. Malcolm provided a clear pathway for improvement, improving my shot choice and psychology on the course. I have reached my lowest ever handicap,!” – Andy P, 3 handicap

Having had a number of lessons during my 40+ years of playing golf Malcolm’s teaching style clicked immediately with me. Whilst most good teaching pros will be able to spot a technical fault, Malcolm’s strength was he managed to match me up with some specific drills to help me improve a new swing adjustment.

Malcolm’s caoching helped me arrest a handicap going upwards and managed to help get it moving back downwards from 6.4 to 4.5 and all with great enthusiasm.  – Colin Erskine 5 handicap

Unlike others, I’m not a low / mid handicapper looking for minor improvements. Despite have dozens of lessons over the years, before my lessons with Malcolm I was still struggling to break 100, or score a par round of 36 points off 28.

I believe the main reason was being an over thinker, I would have a 1000 thoughts in my head whilst addressing the ball and my swing as a result was anything but natural with no natural rhythm or tempo. In the time having lessons with Malcolm, I can’t think of a single lesson based on technicalities.

As a result, my ball striking, consistent and scores have improved as a result. I’m not working hard to continue lowering my handicap and enjoying each round more and more.- Dom Holloran