basic experiences in security

Here’s a short summary with some of my very limited exposure to the processes of security in our digital world.

  • Google and Android has a ‘work profile’ function on mobile that is activated when you use G-Suite (for me it was setting up Gmail in a custom domain.) It was more than I needed but it seemed the simplest option.

“The app enforces your organization’s security policies on your device to protect corporate data and make it more secure.”

  • Using Filezilla to upload website files to my host. This requires using the FTP (file transfer protocol) .
  • To enable certain social functions and displays of feeds on my prototype GRG, I needed to create developer accounts and internal apps for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This involved creating public and secret keys for authenticating the API service.
  • Using the free SSL certificate open source foundation Let’s Encrypt to protect webspaces. Link here.

Domains without SSL lack performance benefits of SSL and secure data transfer, making them vulnerable to snooping and content being modified or injected before reaching visitors.

  • VPN’s. I feel like it should be a default service but looking for a cheap/free version not surrounded in controversy has proven difficult. Usage of the Brave broswser will suffice in the meantime!
  • Cloudflare. A company that functions to protect websites but also to enable fast loading times. I found this easy to use and setup. Perhaps overkill for my initial prototypes but it does give a certain piece of mind!

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