Although I’m learning python at uni, I found this podcast very enlightening in terms of progressing my understanding of the history and bigger picture of the field. The creator of a fundamentaly vital language in software speaks very clearly and calmly – good educational stuff!

” Bjarne Stroustrup is the creator of C++, a programming language that after 40 years is still one of the most popular and powerful languages in the world. Its focus on fast, stable, robust code underlies many of the biggest systems in the world that we have come to rely on as a society. If you’re watching this on YouTube, many of the critical back-end component of YouTube are written in C++. Same goes for Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, most Microsoft applications, Adobe applications, most database systems, and most physical systems that operate in the real-world like cars, robots, rockets that launch us into space and one day will land us on Mars. “

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