I thought I’d briefly describe some initial thoughts on what a new visual brand might perhaps look like as discussed.

With the intention to resonate with developers and gain their trust and confidence – it says “we understand who you are”.

Other code testing platforms such as Codality, Codersrank and Codesignal conform to a typical saas Dropbox/Airbnb style. There is an opportunity to be edgy/futuristic.

// Java syntax could frame some of the explainer sections /text on the site.

String newbie = String.valueOf(2); //integer to numeric string, TechnebiesResult

int i = Integer.parseInt(newbie); //CoderRanking

Bold titles, perhaps with typing /terminal like animation.

Psuedo code backgrounds / visual fillers – familiarity for the coder….. creates a ‘behind the scenes’ feel for the non coder manager.

Some ‘cyperpunk’ imagery or colour pallet – implication of a futuristic cutting edge company.

“plug yourself in” and/or “get started” imagery.