Notes and thoughts…..on reflection

Its a part of the ancient practice of self improvement.

Being objective is a requirement.Removing ones ego is a part of this process.

It can be vey personal, describing feelings of failure or negativity.

Benefits include a potential comparison to diaring and downloading ones thoughts.

Big picture perspective / 10,000ft view.

All tot easy to over analyse and perhaps through modesty, a emphasis on negativity.

Journaling should be for definition, clarity and purifying thoughts.

The good habits, the daily writing and thus reflection, come out of genuine desire.

As a teacher I see how valuable the right environment is.

For my junior classes, adopting a method of gamification has changed enjoyment and value tremendously.

I feel that, in my own industry, good teachers adapt and customise.

Bad just generalise and rely on cliches, stay in their own comfort zone.

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