His publication of topics way off the beaten track of the tech world make him a very interesting person for following. Having been an avid WordPress user for years, it has been nice to understand and appreciate the open source values he preaches.

Another well known name, in theory a marketing guru, but to me he is more of a philospher. Uniquely he publishes a blog every day (and has done for years!!) whilst maintaining quality. A precision and brevity of word choice means that I look forward to his post via email each and every day.

Rare to find a successful VC from SV that doesnt smack of a little too much self assuredness. Alex has a knack of expressing tired topics in unique ways. Frankly its a breath of fresh air in the blogosphere, where people just echo each others thoughts. I wouldn’t consider him a Peter Thiel like contrarian, just someone able to bring a fresh perspective.

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