The Gibbs cycle creates a powerful framework for coaxing out your feelings and emotions at each step rather than relying on a generalisation. The line of reasoning your are forced to answer with, generates a clearly defined action plan. Here is my attempt at using it!


Over the winter, via netstudy, I took a class in mathematics R1, for my possible entry to university. I was able to pass and thus begin at Noroff. 


I was enthusiastic about taking the class as I enjoyed and performed well at maths in high school. But at the same time I was sceptical I could achieve a pass in the required time frame, in a foreign language and with work and family responsibilities (we had our second child just as I started!) 


It was a poor grade, not something I feel demonstrated my potential. But in summary I have to be satisfied and the opportunity I now have to study at Noroff. The study also reconfirmed my enjoyment in taking on new challenges.


A huge challenge was not just finding the time but also the right mindset. Focus isn’t something I was able to turn on and off like a switch. I also, can thoroughly understand the requirement of the subject now that I see what lies ahead of us at Noroff. It was a very isolated net study environment, with little engagement with others. This certainly was a disadvantage to feeding off the social triggers that come with a classroom environment.


I probably had too much focus on niche problems (during study and exams) rather than getting the fundamentals, the big concepts correct. Its good to be under pressure and set tough goals but I definitely need better time management skills, I need to reduce optimism in planning. It was probably a step too far to take it in the Norwegian language. I could have perhaps used some “study hacks” or mind tricks to try and memorise key information. I would be sceptical about net study that didn’t involve the degree of interaction I am now having with Noroff!

Action plan

I would be more conservative when planning. I would not get too distracted by exciting but tertiary problems. I would do more repetition and complete more questions rather than cramming video walkthroughs into my routine.

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