p-hacking studio project


A series of notes on this month’s progress.

After a busy couple of days at work I’ve just watched yesterdays studio lecture to get the latest about our upcoming presentation. As an online student I think presenting has some challenges and some benefits. In person, a good presentation can have a bigger effect. There is a higher transmission of communication between people in person. You have an opportunity to adapt as you go, judging by peoples reactions. That comes at a price though – there is no chance to start again or delete a mistake as with a pre recorded version! Personally given my experience as a teacher I would have preferred doing it ‘live’ but there is a welcome flexibility in pre recording.

One of our figures of inspiration, Nassim Taleb, a contrarian to heart actually recommends against speaking in a loud, clear and simple voice. He feels that it impersonates a salesman to closely and that by speaking naturally you force the listener to engage more to parse your message. I guess the more presenting we do on this and related topics we will find out what works best thanks tot eh feedback loop of fellow student review.

A hectic month for many reasons but the main being a change of job which has also entailed a change of industry. I’m very excited to be working in the software industry and having the opportunity to begin to apply what I have and will learn in my studies. This projects current focus on ‘p-hacking’ and ‘AI bias’ has certainly a degree of crossover at the office. Statistics really seem to be an all encompassing topic! This has acted as a forcing function for maintaining focus on the studio work as having begun the introduction to coding module, it would have been very easy to over assign time in that area – it’s the skill I value attaining the most.

My initial studio project contribution will focus on producing an essay on the aforementioned topic of P value manipulation. It has been a fascinating few weeks delving into it and going from what seemed a simple topic that could be explained in a sentence all the way through to the motives and examples behind the phenomenon. So much has already been written on the topic, so it feels a little intimidating to try and provide some original insight.

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