A few weeks I started learning React. I’m really enjoying developing my front end skills and felt that due to it’s industry prominence and commendations from esteemed dev’s such as Eric Elliot I couldn’t go wrong by spending some time with it.

The most persuasive and detailed reasoning I’ve come across is here in a great article by Eric. He does more than simply to espouse the standard arguments of the speed of the virtual dom. Essentially he clearly summarizes the historical viewpoint of web development in 2013 and how React has changed things with its implementation of state management.

Life is simpler when UI components are unaware of the network, business logic, or app state. Given the same props, always render the same data. – Eric Elliot

He highlights this in addition:

As with most things I’ve learned thus far at work and university I was feeling a bit swamped by the terminology and the need for all the different processes. Dan Abramov (React creator) actually has a nice email course about this general aspect of learning and how it is possible to build your mental model of a subject.

We use React in our Studio project – Working with this has helped me learn faster than any tutorial. Firstly Aleks has some awesome skills but secondly staring at a console full of errors is quite motivating! I find it so hard to walk away from an error message and will totally lose track of time to figure it out. It’s perhaps not the most efficient way to learn but I know this way I can at least appreciate why and how something works more than if I was just following. a pattern.

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