Security & crypto

Despite being a lover of technology I must admit to never having taken an interest into security. But recently I started a security section in a ‘coding’ education app, Enki. Learning about whole new concepts of the internet protocols and standard testing practices were very interesting.

If I’m really honest the interest in security has come about from hearing about the details of managing crypto currency. The repeated mention of hash functions, key’s and illegal activity makes the scene very interesting to analyse and watch from the outside. Nick Szabo seems to be a well informed figurehead in the community.

Discussing crypto at almost any level, encompasses a consideration of a large number of topics from politics to human rights. For me the individuals right to privacy in a world of social media platforms and big business operating with hundreds of third parties is only going to become more and more of an issue. Examples such as the Equifax blunder will pale in comparison to future episodes of facial recognition data exposures potentially.

As a data science student, the data sets, the data sources are of utmost importance as one runs analysis. The quality and legality of this data will be important to verify. The health industry security process of HIPPA was mentioned on a podcast today. Alongside GDPR these laws can easily generate a yawn when brought up. But this podcast did a great job of explaining the true aim of the law versus how lawyers have managed to manipulate its application.

Having read a little on the use of ‘federated data’ I’m curious to see what this course can give me in terms of tools, processes and understanding of the digital world. Having just read the first couple chapters of a recommended book, ‘Computer Security, Principles and Practice’ by Stallings & Brown, I can safely say I have a busy few weeks to come up to speed.

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