A quick reflective update on our ambitious project for 1st year:


The process of research can on one hand feel like a magical, addictive mode of discovery as you encounter fantastic new information. On the other hand it can be equally frustrating as you cant find evidence of a theory you have developed or an intuition you have. As I write I have 26 tabs open! A feat only made repeatable thanks to a Chrome extension, ‘Tab Session Manager’.


I’ve never been very systemised in collating information but the use of Mendeley has helped tremendously. Our studio project almost guarantees a huge volume of reading in a few different directions – all concurrently. One thing that has really helped is the way in which I begin writing now – I’m much more disciplined in outlining a structure and adding in notes instead of an attempt at producing a perfect final draft in one sitting.


I feel a long way from actually calling myself a writer but I must say I enjoy the process. It always helps when you receive positive feedback!! Personally I love the focus it demands and the need to always be somewhat original with your delivery. In the age of AI you have to be careful your monotone delivery is not mistaken for that of a clever algorithm!

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