p-hacking studio project


Semester 2 – Studio
1st journal

After a hectic holiday period coding in Python , it’s great to divert some attention to our blog project again. Despite other deadlines and the pressures of holiday times with a young family, Timo and I have continued communicating, sharing ideas and thoughts for the next steps of the blog. We plan to publish some articles next week that have been close to finished for a few weeks – time to get them out there. Our newly advanced coding skills also have us wondering if we should maybe code up a blog, a headless CMS perhaps?

Two books I’ve made headway into over the break were gifts and relate to AI and causality. I’ve read similar books previously or at least extensive resources online but I experienced them in a very different way this time since beginning our project. The unfamiliar and intimidating territory with which this project has taken me gave me a very different appreciation of the authors writing. I understand (I think!) a lot more about the scientific method and the critical approach one must take to avoid bias or unproven arguments. Passionate quality writing has nothing to do with truth! Equally, my new job, working at a company who’s product is based on empirical research also helps!

I’m going to continue writing in the next browser tab now and hopefully hit the publish button very soon on ‘p-hacking’, part two.

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