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A Short Guide to NUC for New Students

Your in this for years! Not months, not weeks, but years. Don’t stress in these first few weeks to get everything just perfect. Think back to day one at high school compared with your last. Take time to familiarise yourself with the offline and online worlds of university.

Networking has a sleazy, cheap or fake implication to many people. As your all in the same ‘team’, this means something different at uni. Get to know tutors, classmates, online contacts and students in the year ahead of you. 

Never ever be afraid to reach out! In a year of hundreds, there are bound to be multiple people with very similar hopes and fears. Group collaboration on problems you may have is a powerful tool to have at your disposal. You will probably find that most people love to give their opinion instead of being burdened by the request, especially if it is framed in a new and unusual manner!

Years of learning effectively requires a system. This doesn’t mean tips and tricks. This means habit/pattern building. Save time and mental energy by organising your notes effectively. Create a process for exploring new topics (Ex: A quick scan of Youtube, Quora and Google Scholar). Create a process for blocking out distractions to complete tasks effectively. (Ex: social media blockers, time tracker apps). Create a process for receiving critical feedback on your work before submission.

You may notice time management wasn’t mentioned above. Clearly its a skill, but I feel it relates more to motivation. If a task is mundane and repetitive it becomes easy to allocate time slots in a traditional time management system. 

But learning is creative. If you really love what your doing, if the passion burns bright, you would need to read any motivational literature. In fact, the topic will be swimming around your brain throughout the day. The real challenge is being effective, being patient and continually seeking out challenge.

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