why blog?

I really enjoyed reading the Andrew Sullivan piece on blogging culture, highly relevant despite a puplication date of 2008. He is very articulate and for me personally highlights the key value proposition of reading a personal insight on a blog over a carefully scripted newspaper article. Highlights include:

“It is the spontaneous expression of instant thought—impermanent beyond even the ephemera of daily journalism.”
“You end up writing about yourself, since you are a relatively fixed point in this constant interaction with the ideas and facts of the exterior world. And in this sense, the historic form closest to blogs is the diary.”

For my own writing and reflection, this article really helped solidify in my mind the value of regular writing. It can be a real chance to elaborate on each weeks challenges and serve as a form of reinforcement learning.
Of course its a requirement, but who wouldn’t want to do something they enjoy? I’ve blogged for many years with my career in golf but due to imposter syndrome, have yet to blog about technology to my network. I’m looking forward to collating information, thoughts and searching for unique value in my self reflective writing.


Any type of writing, from the constraints of Twitter to privacy of a diary, forces you to clarify and define your thinking. This process is of great personal value to me in a world where ‘inbound’ only seems to be increasing. Always busy, always connected, always something to do thanks to our phones, pausing to collect your thoughts and muse over a subject is something I am looking forward to ingraining as a habit at Noroff.

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