"Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life." Marcus Aurelius

What & where?

I'm a few months into my position on the data science team at grepS. It's hard not to throw a couple of cliches out there about how much I enjoy the nature of the challenge. That is to push my skills and work on a product of such value.

It won't be long until first year is complete @ Noroff on my applied data science degree. I've been introduced to some amazing ideas and amazing people thus far. Long may it continue! I share most of my work including assignments on my blog, links below.


Where I spend my time....

Python & JS

It's the hardest yet most rewarding skill I've ever attempted to learn...but I've been bitten by the bug!

Science & writing

Before uni, I had a vague understanding of the word. I'm a long way from being a scientist, but at least I know what's potentially ahead of me. As a newbie my first steps are research and writing - trying to explore concepts through the hard task of authorship.

Design / UX

I'm fascinated by the aspect of psychology in designing features and products. The more time I spend on visualising data at grepS the more I realise I have to learn.


Why Data Science?

Getting started at Noroff...


Aldous Huxley & FB

Ever prescient....


Protonmail & Bitwarden

Privacy tools...


Info Sec Crisis

Stunning worldwide events....


Follow these blogs :)

Some of my favourites here....


The design process

Avoiding over ambition.



If you are going to get good at something you can never let up.