Autumn Lessons

As you know the seasons end is fast approaching!

This will be my first winter here so many have suggested I try langrenn skiing here at Oppegård. It could be dangerous for me 🙂

But before the season finishes in two or three weeks I thought I would see if you guys would be interested in any coaching events?

Many people will be playing simulator golf throughout the winter so I thought maybe some Trackman training would be good.

We could do some evening classes indoors on Trackman. If you plan to head to Spain for the winter this could be ideal preparation to get your game in shape.

What do you think?

We plan to do some events on improving:

  • hitting the centre of the clubface
  • controlling the height of the ball
  • controlling your distances

Thanks for taking the time to reply! If you have any ideas feel free to comment below or send me an email.

2 Replies to “Autumn Lessons”

  1. Hi Malcolm.

    I’m interested in every event that may enhance my game. However, the last few weeks, I’ve been struggling with an injury in my left arm. Hopefully, this will heal soon and I’ll be ready for some training again. Looking forward to see what event we’ll end up with.

    Regards, Sjur

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