In a recent interview following his split from Sean Foley, Tiger Woods has questioned a coaches ability to make a difference under the pressures of tournament golf. Woods believes their lack of tournament experience leaves them lacking in understanding high-pressure situations.

“I would have to say on the technical side, I probably don’t know as much as some of them, but from a feel standpoint, which is something I think is innate because of what we’re able to do at such an elite level, yeah, I think I know a lot more than they do. Because they’ve never played down the stretch of a major championship. What do the hands feel? What does the body feel?”

Tiger has previously been quoted from his time with Butch Harmon as saying that he only applies a part of what he is told when coached. If it doesn’t feel comfortable for him he rejects it.

“Will they (his feels) work on the back nine on a Sunday of a major? Either yes or no,” Woods said. “And I think that’s one thing I’ve always tried to tell all my coaches. Will it work or not work? And if it’s not going to work, then we’re not going down that road.”

Reports from the Golf Channel suggest that TV announcer and former college team-mate Notah Begay is spending a lot of time with Tiger as prepares for his return following injury. Based on these views it as an accepted theory that he is trying to regain the instinctiveness he had as a younger athlete versus the exactness of the methodology from Sean Foley. It is such an intriguing story to see if the most talented golfer in history can reach the heights of his youth again.

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