A passion for reading and a passion for golf are generally worthwhile attributes to have – but I rarely combine the two. My whole adult life has revolved around golf, so when I read about golf, the effect is rather diluted on me – I have usually come across something very similar before. So I look out of golf, amongst other subjects and topics for inspiration, guidance or a new approach, attempting to think outside of the box.

Indeed, there are many that I have spoken too, who suffer from this fatigue of golf information. The internet and social media are partly to blame – the algorithms of facebook and google ensuring that you as a golfer become bombarded with offers of help resembling the desperate diet industry; “ten pounds (or strokes) off or your money back guaranteed!”

So rather than rely on help from a multitude of sources (magazine tips, friends advice) that promise a quick and easy solution why not take charge of your game – become an entrepreneur for your own game. So what does this really mean? Lets focus on the aspects of personality and attitude required to solve problems on your own.













Self motivation is different than motivation in general. Motivation can be reacting to the situation around you such as ‘I need to work to keep my house’, or ‘this needs to be finished for my new boss’. Self motivation is a passion that comes from within. It is an internal desire to achieve something. It could be as common as the desire to be rich or it could be as important as learning to walk again after a severe accident.

If you discover this self-motivation, you will change your outlook on life in a more positive way. Rather than feeling pushed about by life, handcuffed to its randomness and swept along with the masses, you will begin to fight against the current. The way in which you identify yourself will change and it will result in better decision making for your future. Decisions that increase your creativity and productivity – not those that meet short term or flippant desires.

What can this mean for your golf? Do you ever feel you are going through the motions – repeating the same things day after day? You feel stuck with the same old fault? Your coach keeps telling you the same things? Do you blame your environment for the level of your current game?

Look for answers, don’t expect them to come to you (although if you sign up to our blog, you never know!). Take responsibility for your strengths and weaknesses and maximise your potential.



A large ego, a brazen or arrogant style may do well in certain situations – but it is quite selfish and quite limiting. A humility towards your goals is vital as it acts as a defence against boredom, impatience and confusion. If you can never be wrong then it forces you to keep on a certain path – you may not change or adapt.

Humility in your work towards goals and achievements forces you to understand the process from the ground up. It will require a grounding in the basics, an understanding of the whole process and the importance of every nut and bolt in the system. You must climb the ladder step by step. Skipping stages or jumping on the ladder higher up are possible. But they are precarious positions to hold without understanding the process that gets you there.

How can you be humble in your approach to golf? How do you react in defeat versus victory? Do you view your own performance as you do others – are you as critical? Are your goals and ambitions your own or those that society deems acceptable? Have you looked inwards to determine what is really important to you about golf? Are you trying to change things in your game for appearances sake- to appear to be improving or working hard? Or are you finding a solution for what will lower your score the most?

We can’t decide when we will reach our goals. It is a brave move to state the ultimate destination, so many things can change. Show humility towards golf, play it for the right reasons, find your passion for it and purpose and joy may show their rare faces.


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