Trackman 4 🤙

Ready for some big news?! We now have Trackman 4 at the club! This upgrade to the latest model is the most significant yet and this investment in world leading technology offers our membership three fantastic new features to help you get better.

(Rory Mcilroy practicing with Trackman 4 below. So why do all the best players in the world use this? Unparalelled accuracy and the ability to see what the human eye cannot.)

New putting feature

In the words of Trackman

“Knowing your Tempo, Launch Direction, Speed, and Launch Direction are some of the most significant influencers on ones putting performance. Add Total Break, Skid, and good green reading, and you will have what it takes to make successful putts, repeatedly.

Besides providing actionable insights, these data points also help eliminate doubt, build confidence, and unleash talent – one stroke at a time.

Build talent and skill with actionable data.”

Want to read more? Here is the official Trackman PDF which covers all the features in detail:


“The system captures every little detail with astounding precision, and now also the ball’s exact impact location on the club face. Add another 30 data points, including full ball flight tracking, and you have the complete knowledge picture to analyze and understand any swing.”

Did you know that when you strike the heel or toe of the clubface it will twist and cause extra curve in the ball flight? With this new feature you can measure how good or bad each shot is. Jim Furyk may not have a pretty swing but you can be sure his impact location was always very good!

With this feature we can help you choose the right golf club or we can see if your swing has improved in the lesson.


Here in Norway many of us have no choice but to play simulator golf through the winter. You have probably experienced some of the following: strange ball flights, weird spin numbers and ugly graphics.

All of that disappears with the world class software produced by Trackman. Cutting edge graphics coupled with the accuracy of Trackman 4 means that you can achieve real value by testing yourself in various course situations.

Whether during a lesson or club fitting it can be really helpful to recreate situations that you are looking to improve at. For example a narrow fairway or a short iron over water!


Golf coaching has been plagued by myth and cliche for many years. But thanks to Trackman and other scientific research we can now be much more precise. For us there is only one true measure of a better game – a better handicap.

We strive to choose the most important part of the swing to work on. The most functional. The one that creates a better ball flight. It is so easy to get distracted by the latest magazine article or by a comment from a playing partner.

Golf is difficult. Each day, even each shot can sometimes feel so different. This is why we provide honest, direct and very personalised feedback. No two golfers are alike!

A good lesson is not one where the teacher talks 95% and the student hits balls for 5%! But at the same time, we love to field your questions. A deeper understanding of why you are changing something can really help some golfers.

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