This class has been popular as it helps provide the missing link for golfers who have taken the VTG class but don’t feel ready for one on one lessons or don’t feel ready to play on the course yet.

Learning in a group can be more social and more relaxed for many new golfers.

As an experienced teacher and competitor I appreciate how important it is to inspire confidence and belief in your ability to improve at the game. Some of the worlds most famous teachers such as Butch Harmon are renowned for their “keep it simple” advice.

No doubt with the first Google or Youtube search for beginners golf tips will you be inundated with technique and
terminology. Personally I have seen many new golfers struggle and stress to play while trying to remember so many different pieces of advice.

My approach is to focus on what you can feel with your movement. I will always do my absolute best to avoid complex instruction.

What is far more important to me is getting to know you so that I can give you highly personalised advice. I always like to find out what you like most about golf, how long have you played, do you have any injuries and whether have you played any other sports before?

Please don’t hesitate to email or message me with any questions you may have before signing up 😋

*If you need to borrow equipment for the class please contact the shop the day before your class
**As a final note I speak fluent Norwegian now although having moved here in 2017 from Scotland, I still have a
lot of room for improvement!

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